HR1100 HR1130

Maximum Functionality and
Maneuverability is Within Reach

Safely go a bale higher, load the high volume spreader, scrape the yard and pile it up, take the whole load from one side.

Do More.
The Frey Vertex.

The Frey Vertex series of loaders provides unmatched reach and versatility over conventional loaders. The exclusive patented design with its unique pivot point produces a straighter and higher lift — giving you up to 16 feet of reach. Now going one bale higher, loading the tall implements or working in tight places is done easily with the Vertex high reach loaders from Frey.

  • Up to 16 feet, nearly a 3 foot advantage over larger conventional loaders.
  • The most reach and maneuverability on the market.
  • The Vertex brings the capabilities of a compact telehandler to your tractor — taking the versatility and functionality of your traditional loader to new levels.
  • The Vertex features a close couple and when in transit the Vertex tucks in tight allowing
    you all the clearance and maneuverability that you get with a conventional loader.